Much Fruit In The Middle East

We recently made an exploratory trip to the Middle East to firstly, visit current and new contacts in the region and, secondly, to assess what WOI is doing and can do across that part of the world.

We visited Cairo (Egypt), Amman (Jordan), Beirut (Lebanon) and Dubai (UAE) over a two-week period. We met amazing people, WOI colleagues as well as others, doing amazing things. A young Egyptian couple, who were in Yemen for a number of years, now have their visas for Djibouti and Somaliland to connect with Yemenese refugees there. A Jordanian couple is taking young converts on outreach to Bedouin and Druse people groups on the borders of Jordan and have seen thousands of children come to the Lord. Now the parents’ hearts are open, wanting to know more about Isa (Jesus). An Egyptian colleague is working in Syrian refugee camps and seeing many displaced people come to the Lord.

To the world the Middle East is in chaos, but God is at work and many miracles are happening. The blood of the martyrs is already bringing forth much fruit!


  • Lois Bellingham
    30th October 2016

    would love to join in prayer for you

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