Movements to Christ Among Thai Buddhists

The word “unprecedented” is hardly adequate to describe the historic events happening in Thailand. Until recently, Thai Buddhists have come to Christ very slowly, one new believer at a time. But in the last five years, God has been working among them like never before. Thai evangelists and church planters are beginning to see movements to Christ with thousands of new believers from Buddhist backgrounds coming to know Jesus and experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

Missiologist David Garrison defines a movement of Buddhists to Christ to be at least 100 new church starts or 1,000 baptisms that occur over a two-decade period. This is happening in multiple locations in Thailand!

More evidence that a movement is underway includes local believers leading their friends and families to Christ, as well as powerful signs and wonders. Again, it is thrilling to read stories of God’s work in bringing Thai Buddhists out of darkness into freedom and the light of the Gospel.

Mrs Oy is a former practicing spirit medium who was diagnosed as having severe heart damage, which caused a lot of pain and heart arrhythmia. Her neighbour Mrs Nut led her to Christ and taught her about the authority of the believer to pray for healing. As they prayed together, Mrs Oy was instantly healed of the pain and her heart went back to its normal rhythm. What a surprise for her doctor to find absolutely no sign of heart damage on her next X-ray! Many former clients of Mrs Oy’s clairvoyance are now full-on Christ-followers, listening and learning how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit at Mrs Oy’s house church meeting every Wednesday.

Mrs Oy is only one of a number of highly influential believers. The headman of a village led Auntie Muey to Christ at his Friday meeting, and after he had prayed for her healing, Auntie Muey was able to walk without help. As a result of the dramatic changes in Auntie Muey’s life, 10 of her family members began to also follow Christ. They are all prayer warriors, and are changing the atmosphere of that village.

Prayer is the fuel of every significant mission breakthrough. Please pray for more movements to Christ in the Buddhist world. Pray for every Buddhist-background new believer as they obey the Lord’s command to make disciples. Pray for John and Nok as they train church-planters and evangelists all over Thailand. Your prayers can intensify the spread of these movements and bring much glory to Jesus!

By Lorraine Dierck together with John and Nok P

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