Max together with the Organisation Leadership Team

Motivated to fund the Gospel

I SPOKE RECENTLY at a missions conference held at a prestigious university in greater Manila. In the early 90’s, the leadership of this host organisation attended our Kairos course. Since then, missions has helped define their ministry.

They have also been on a journey – how to develop an effective missions ministry in today’s world, and with limited financial resources (a challenge for the Church in all developing countries today). The strategy they discovered is simple but profound. They send families to set up businesses in a restricted access country, often helped by foreign students who have studied at the university and have come to faith in Christ while there. These families form the basis of a church plant that becomes a church planting movement after several years.

Back home, young people are encouraged to study hard as their profession will open doors for them in countries where missionaries are needed. Since they took this approach, a record number of students have graduated at the top of their class! What a fabulous motivation! Kairos is a standard part of their church discipleship programme and helps provide this biblical world view.

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