Eck (bottom right) with the Good News Team.

From mocker to seeker to teacher

WHEN THE GOOD NEWS TEAM visited Eck’s school 28 years ago, young Eck mocked them. Then he heard the words “Jesus loves you and died for you”. Those words convinced him to start doing our Bible correspondence lessons but his parents refused to let him attend church. For the next two years they insisted he must lead all the Buddhist ceremonies in their home. Eventually this grieved Eck so much he decided to run away. As he walked the streets he heard a voice saying, “This is not God’s way – go back and honour your parents”. This week Eck came back to visit the team and to share with us some insights on biblical leadership. He is now a pastor and Bible school teacher and has a heart to bring blessing back to his first “church” where he came to know Jesus. He says, “Your prayers helped me stand for Jesus. Thank you and please keep praying for each child now doing these lessons.”

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