Mission Intensive : Indonesia

Indonesia 1 Oct 2019 – 30 Nov 2019

The Mission Intensive will begin on the island of Borneo in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. During the month of December, you will serve at New Hope Ministries (NHM) alongside experienced missionaries Wolfgang and Heidi Oeschlegel and their team who run a children’s home for about 120 underprivileged, Dayak tribal children. At NHM children are given the opportunity to live in a safe environment, attend a local school and hear the Gospel. You will get the chance to share your testimony, help care for the needs of children, pray and worship together, play games and sports, help with chores and also spend Christmas in a local village.

After your Christmas celebrations, you will travel out of Indonesia and spend a couple days in Malaysia, where you can take a few days of R&R and visit some sites.

In January, you will then fly to the Sakura Team, stationed in a big city on a different island (for safety reasons this city name is not mentioned here) in Indonesia. 44 of the 48 tribes on this island are still unreached with the Gospel, the main religion being Islam. Here you will learn first-hand what it means to minister in a restricted area. You are expected to abide by several rules to safeguard the security of the team. The mission of the Sakura Team is to be led by the Holy Spirit and to share the Gospel with people of peace (Luke 10:1-11) and then start a Church Planting Movement (CPM), house groups that study the Word together. While with the Sakura Team you will study various mission topics, language and culture, go on prayer walks throughout the community, share God’s love through social activities and spend a few days living with local Muslims in a nearby village.

What is a Mission Intensive?

What is the cost?

You will not pay WO directly for the Mission Intensive. Payment for your lodging, food, local transportation, tourist activities, etc. will go directly to each ministry. You will also need to cover your own food and lodging while travelling through Malaysia and for your airfare from one island to the next. Below are the estimated costs in USD.

New Hope Ministries – $370
Sakura Team – $520
Malaysia for 3 days – $150
Flights with Air Asia from one island to the next, via Kuala Lumpur – $150

You will cover the costs for your own airfare to and from your home country.

Applications Close 1st August 2019


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