Miraculous Updates

We are excited to share some recent developments within Siam-Care, our foundation that reaches out to children who are affected by HIV/AIDS. For over 20 years Siam-Care has given financial, physical, psychological and spiritual help to needy families. The foundation’s focus was to enable families to stand on their own feet again and to keep families together. However over the last three years, we have slowly changed the foundation’s vision and mission. We are now more focused than ever on sharing the Gospel. Our staff was trained in sharing the Gospel and we are seeing families coming to Christ! This is truly amazing. When we came, only 40 per cent of our staff was Christian, but now 100 percent of our staff are believers! Last month three of our families from Mukdahan gave their lives to Christ. They have committed themselves to the local church, which is really exciting! Please rejoice with us and continue to pray for the salvation of many.

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