Miracles in Thai schools

OUR GOOD NEWS TEAM national workers share recent highlights at Buddhist schools in northeast Thailand.

Doi Wanna

God has been working in teachers’ hearts as much as in the children’s. One principal told his children, “This team has given you good things. You should seek to follow the Jesus way.” In another school a teacher asked, “Can every child study with you about Jesus? I’ll help them all apply and send you their details.” I thank God for those teachers’ openness.

Chawalit (NoiNon)

We felt God’s protection and blessing in these schools. At one school there were only 6–8 year olds. Four hundred of them and all talking and moving! During our puppet show their teachers couldn’t control them at all. Then it came time to tell the story of Jesus. Suddenly all those children were quiet and stayed still for 20 minutes as they listened intently to every word about Jesus. I think we saw a miracle of God that day!

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