Young Thais are fascinated by the Good News booklets.

Miracles in Thai children’s lives

MANY THAI CHILDREN know nothing about Jesus until a Good News Team visits their schools. It’s always exciting when they write to tell us how Jesus is changing their lives. Here are some recent letters:

Sarla: My Dad was put in jail. Police said we must pay 4 million baht. We have no money. I prayed and my Dad was released. We didn’t have to pay anything.
Tanvarat: I’ve never been special to anyone before. Even my parents don’t see me as special. Now I’m special to God.

Ratana: My grandfather drank a lot. I asked Jesus to help. My grandfather has had no alcohol since.

Prangtip: Thanks for my birthday gift. I’ve never had one before.

Panida: My village sees I’m not afraid of evil spirits because Jesus is with me. Now others want to know Jesus. The village elders are angry. Pray for me.
Please pray for each child doing our lessons to experience God’s love and power in their lives.

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