Miracles Abound

Through individual life-changing experiences and community transformation, the ‘Kingdom of God as It Is in Heaven’ project is bearing much fruit in people groups across Thailand and neighbouring countries. Here are just a few testimonies.
A new project we called Myanmar Outreach, which we ran in Pathumthani province, started with just two families of believers. They began to share the gospel and disciple people. After only 15 months, the number of believers multiplied to 50, meeting in five house churches. In October last year, we conducted an outreach meeting, which 350 attended. Two hundred people decided to follow Jesus and were welcomed into the house churches to start their discipleship. Another family in Esaan region went out to train the leaders in Suwannakhet, Laos, in how to multiply disciples. They began with five people, but are now leading 39 house churches in 24 villages.
Kraitong is leading a group of 30 people. She was put in prison for opening her house to use as a meeting place, but was released early. The warden thought if she stayed and finished her one-year sentence, all the prisoners would end up following Jesus. Even though it is forbidden to share the gospel in prison, she saw it as a golden opportunity to share her story of why she was put in prison. The members of her house church visited her daily and brought her food, which she subsequently shared with those who came to listen to her story. Kraitong’s prison mates ate the food that she shared and also learned how to pray and give thanks to God before eating. Kraitong’s feet were chained with bamboo shackles so she couldn’t move much during the day, but at night the bamboo expanded. This enabled her feet to move around and she was able to sleep well every night for six months.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Amen.

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