He is a miracle working God

GOD STILL PERFORMS miracles today! I am a personal witness of what He has done for a family in Guinéa.

A Muslim man was paralysed and could not do anything by himself, and because of his condition he and his wife never had children. Life was very difficult for them.

As I was praying for the man, the Lord put a word of prophecy in my mouth, and in faith I spoke it out. I said, “By this time next year, you will be working and rejoicing because you will not only be healed, but your wife will be expecting a child!”  That is exactly what happened. When I visited Guinéa this past month, the man came to me and said, “Your Jesus is more powerful than anyone else. He healed me and my wife is expecting our first child before the end of this year!”  He was so excited and now both he and his wife are dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

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