Miracle Ducks

Tik hung a piece of red cloth at the front of her duck farm. She and her in-laws prayed together every day in front of the cloth, declaring that the red represented Jesus’ blood, which has delivered them from all curses. Then the miracle happened with her ducks – 10,800 of them. Normally, many ducks die when they are three weeks old, and she loses 2,000 – 4,000 every time. She used to lose forty ducks per day. Since her prayer, her ducks are one month old – and she has only lost two.

Five men quit drugs because of the prayers of their mothers and sisters. Thirteen-year-old Preaw is the first of her family to come to know Christ. She prayed for her youngest sister who was born with cardiomegaly. Her sister is now miraculously healed. Preaw’s mother, uncle, and siblings have since become believers.

A monk is getting to know Jesus. Because of neck cancer, every time he eats or drinks, fluid comes out of his nose. He has also suffered from insomnia for years. After he began praying to Jesus, he began to sleep peacefully. Since he began praying before his meals, he can eat and drink normally.

Many more miracles happen every day. We pray that Jesus will be the one and only name that Thai people will worship and adore. That’s our goal.

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