Students happy to be at the Deep Hope School.

Miracle at Deep Hope school

HEADMASTER JOON was worried. Enrolment at his Deep Hope School had dropped to 40 students and the government had demanded that the school close immediately. Headmaster Joon did not yet know Jesus.

When he explained the sad situation to his students, they reassured him: “Don’t worry! Pray to God in the name of Jesus. He always answers prayers!”
Headmaster Joon questioned, “Jesus? Isn’t he the foreigners’ God?”

The students answered, “No! He loves us Thais too! We have all decided to follow him and you should too!” This was the beginning of the school’s transformation.
Headmaster Joon and many parents have now come to Christ. Enrolment has grown to more than 100 students. When our church planters visit, the students take a break from their studies and the community comes together to worship God and study the Word!

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