Miracle Cow

SOMETIMES GOD WORKS in mysterious ways. Era Roy came from a poor farmer’s family. She did not have much in life. Her one possession was a cow. Her cow was her lifeline, bringing income from the milk and fuel from the dung. Besides her family, the cow was everything to Era.

One day the cow became pregnant. During the delivery complications arose and the veterinarian told her the cow would die. Era was extremely worried. What would her future look like? In her state of panic she remembered the Christians up the road who often testified of miraculous healings. She ran and asked them to come and pray for her cow. After the cow was prayed for, it gave birth with no complications to a healthy female calf. Not only was her cow saved, but she now has two female cows to financially support her family!

Era and her family were convinced by the miracle and are now followers and witnesses of Jesus Christ. What a mighty God we serve!

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