Ministering the baptism of the Holy Spirit

SOME CHURCH LEADERS AVOID praying for their people to be filled with the Spirit. They wait for a ‘holy man’ to come through or for special ‘revival’ meetings but this is something that all church leaders can and should be doing. So I have been taking time to go over this process with leaders in weekly training meetings, in the boat as we travel and whenever else there is opportunity.

Jesus sent us to make disciples who then make disciples who make more disciples, a glorious chain reaction that will take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Our focus as we go out is not just new churches but also believers who are equipped to take the Gospel to the next generation of believers.

But don’t go anywhere, Jesus said, until you have received the power of the Holy Spirit. We who are passionate about reaching every nation must be equally passionate about being filled with the Holy Spirit. And we must be sure that our new believers receive and then pass on the power – to understand and obey the Word, power to become witnesses and make disciples, power to pray and worship, power to heal and deliver! A new Pentecost in every generation and every day of our lives!

At a time when many of our sending churches are not rigorous in their teaching, we must teach clearly from the Word. Having them do inductive Bible study is not enough. It took the church hundreds of years to recover the truth of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I don’t want our Koti or Japanese disciples to take years to discover this truth. They need the power to go to other nations NOW.

But teaching is not enough. We must train them to minister the baptism of the Spirit. Our goal is not head knowledge but receiving. Our new believers must be competent and confident to help their new disciples to be filled with the Spirit. It is as fundamental as repentance and water baptism – as Peter declared in Acts 2:38.

Without the power of the Holy Spirit, we will not have sustainable growth and we will drift into empty religion. If YOU are struggling, our Following Jesus manual will help you.

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