Milikani Makes Waves

Most members of indigenous churches in Southern Africa never receive a clear message of salvation through faith in Jesus. Six years ago, we launched a small Bible school in our city of Francistown. To our surprise a leader from an indigenous church asked us if one of her church’s leaders could attend our school.

We interview prospective students to ensure that they are born again, and we learned that Milikani did not understand salvation. We prayed a sinner’s prayer with him. Two months later he came to a Sunday meeting to be baptised.

In his own assembly Milikani started explaining salvation. Eight of the members wanted to be baptised. Other leaders felt uncomfortable with the changes that Milikani wanted to bring about in their church, and requested he leave.

Milikani started a house fellowship and is now taking two young men from his neighbourhood with him to a village church that we started. They go to the village fifty km away every Sunday to support the young church there. In January the woman of the host home got baptised – at the age of eighty!

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