Some of these youth ministered with me to Bangladeshi workers

Migration matters

MIGRATION IS A REALITY for all European countries. People are on the move for a variety of reasons, whether they are fleeing war and persecution or searching for better job opportunities.

World Outreach International seeks to make a difference in Europe…

Increasing awareness:

WOI Mission Mobiliser James Price takes teams to visit a food distribution project in Calais, France. Here they meet people living on the ‘refugee highway’ and hear their stories as they reflect on what the Bible says about welcoming the stranger.

The aim of these mission exposure trips is to feel the circumstances and explore tangible ways to get involved with refugees and asylum seekers in their local community. Reflecting on a recent visit, Ryan (19) said:

It was helpful to meet real people from all around the world, to see and hear some of their reality, each one representing hopes, dreams, fears and struggles. The trip to Calais isn’t designed to present a quick-fix solution, but to be a dialogue starter, an opportunity to leave one’s comfort zone and open your eyes to problems of a fallen world. Our team discussions reminded me that God is inviting us to work with Him and watch as His redemptive plan unfolds.

Opportunity to serve:

Refugees and asylum-seekers began arriving on the island of Malta by sea in the last decade. Since 2002, more than 15,000 forcibly displaced people have sought asylum in Malta. Most are from sub-Saharan Africa and were originally attempting to reach Italy by boat. After arriving on Malta, their options are limited. As Europe’s most densely populated country, Malta cannot integrate everyone who arrives into its society.

WOI seeks long-term workers for Malta, to partner with an organisation running a centre to welcome asylum-seekers. Could you give two years (or more) to help nurture the faith and wellbeing of uprooted people? You must be over 21 and be able to speak English.

If you would like more information about the refugee situation in Europe, or to explore a call to serve in Malta, please contact james.price@wouk.org

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