A migrant’s story

AISHA (not her real name) is from a restricted country in the Middle East. She gave her life to Jesus while listening to a Christian broadcast. As she was looking through a travel magazine she noticed the word Christchurch and was amazed that it was the name of a city in New Zealand. She decided to visit this city with hope that she would grow in her new faith.

When in Christchurch she got caught in an abusive marriage. Fearing for her life and that of her child’s, she fled but didn’t know where to go. Alone, depressed and without a job, she decided to go to church.

That Sunday the pastor was talking about the Holy Spirit, a topic she had never heard about before. She surrendered her situation to God and invited the Holy Spirit to guide her. Immediately she felt a garment of peace covering her and a new joy in her heart. Later that evening, as she was reading the Gospel of John, she heard a voice calling her name. She knew it immediately as the voice of her Heavenly Father and, as she testified afterwards, they had a great time “catching up”.

The following morning she knew that her depression had gone. Since that day, Aisha has been doing really well and has been used of the Holy Spirit in seeing more people from the Middle East give their lives to Jesus. In February 2011, God moved the earth of this little city (Christchurch), at the edge of the world, with a magnitude 6.3 earthquake on the richter scale. Since then He is moving the hearts of the people of this city towards Himself.

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