Eliana with ayub's family

… Then he met Jesus!

TOPAN, A MUSLIM MAN, lost everything he had in a dishonest business deal. Unable to take care of his young family, Topan could not sleep and turned to alcohol for comfort. He even contemplated suicide.

We heard Topan’s story when he came to Solo looking for work. As we shared about Jesus, we sensed that the Holy Spirit had prepared Topan’s heart to receive the Good News. Topan asked Jesus into his life and asked to be delivered from the powers of darkness. After he was baptised, he took on the name Ayub.

Today Ayub testifies that he is free from anger, smoking, alcohol and witchcraft and that he and his family are experiencing wonderful things as they follow the Lord. He now has a good job, lives in a comfortable rented house and is able to pay school fees for his children.

Ayub has grown in boldness when witnessing. At first he was hesitant but he shared with his 92-year-old mother, his aunty and sister and they have all asked Jesus into their lives.

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