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What is our message

MY FIRST TASTE of missions was an outreach in Indonesia a few years ago. While street witnessing, I overheard some of the local team sharing the amazing truths of Moses’ Tabernacle with a Muslim they met on the street. Is that our message?

I hear short termers, who have crossed the earth to “do missions”, share salvation testimonies without any clear message. They share an amazing healing story. Wonderful, but not enough for people without any Christian background to recognise Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Or, the atmosphere they felt in a meeting was so amazing that it somehow propelled them to the front. And even though they can’t remember anything the preacher said, they wept and felt a great peace! Healing, peace of mind. Is that our message?

What DID the preacher say? What he said IS important. And what did Jesus tell US to say? What is our message?

First, JESUS is our message. In the gospels, He did not present “justification by faith” as a Pauline doctrine. He presented Himself as the Messiah (Luke 19.9; John 4.26; 9.37). Come to me, He said! People fell at His feet, worshipped Him and were saved. Many of our young people are talking a lot about God and very little about Jesus. One of them, who had grown up in a Bible-believing family and church, confided that while visiting Mozambique, she had realised how important Jesus was. Her faith had just been in “God”. Like Philip, talking to the Ethiopian eunuch, we must preach Jesus, who saves the lost!

He sent the disciples out, saying, “repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations” (Luke 24.47). Would you do a little study? Follow those themes, repentance and forgiveness of sins, through the presentations of the Gospel in Acts. Forgiveness of sins – He is our Saviour who died in our place on the cross to set us free from sin. Repentance – He is our Lord; He rose from the dead and bids us follow Him, a new master and a new allegiance in our lives. Start with Acts 2.38, 3.19 and 5.31!

To make disciples and multiply churches, preach forgiveness of sins and repentance; preach Jesus, our Saviour and Lord!

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