Mercy Ministries – Helping Provide a Hope and a Future!

It does not cost a fortune to turns someone’s misfortune around! The world’s media excel in presenting us with vivid images of natural or man-made disasters. Shock can often be an initial response.
After a deluge of such misery, there is usually one of three responses: one can (eventually) become immune to what one sees; one thinks they don’t have the means or the understanding to help; or one can choose to be part of the answer.
World Outreach International “Mercy Ministries” are scattered around the world and are generally part of a missionary’s involvement among specific communities. These life-saving humanitarian programmes may not be as widely known as those of the large, secular NGOs; nevertheless they are effective and economical in helping alleviate the suffering people are experiencing.
Health Education : Ignorance and superstition are major causes of high infant mortality. WOI teams are committed to educating illiterate villagers about hygiene, nutrition, and general health. An untold number of lives, young and old, have in turn been saved.

Disaster Relief : When earthquakes, famines, and floods strike, WOI teams in affected regions stop what they are doing and get involved in disaster relief. We believe that ‘quick response is the best response’.

Milk Feeding Programmes : Providing healthy milk formula to malnourished babies has literally helped saved thousands of young lives.

Refugee Camps : Every year WOI personnel help provide food, clothing, and toiletries to refugees (usually women and children) fleeing from armed insurgents or religious fanatics and seeking refuge in camps.

Micro Enterprise : A growing focus among WOI personnel is to assist followers of Jesus Christ in economically depressed regions that are close to unreached ethnic communities, training and enabling these followers to start up and run small enterprises that will support their families and their ministry and create jobs in their community.
All of the above are “faith projects”, i.e. when finances are available, WOI teams can respond with love and compassion, and in practical ways. Through every mercy ministry, WOI personnel take every opportunity to share the Gospel with those they are helping. Your partnership can not only save lives, but help share the love of God to desperate and needy people.

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