Meet Talsamo and Amina!

Investing in our young Koti leaders is essential for the future of the work. So far, we have sent two young men to study in Zimbabwe, two to Cape Town, and now we have sent this outstanding young couple to Nairobi, to Sam Ngugi and his Missions Campaign Network.
Talsamo’s dad is a sheikh, so Talsamo was well educated in Islam but walked in total darkness until his friends told him about Jesus! He and Amina were the first Koti couple to make their vows in the presence of the Lord before living together. And their little girl is a beautiful, new generation child, surrounded by such love and care.
Talsamo already has so much experience making disciples and is part of our core leadership team. But learning English and gaining experience outside Mozambique will greatly enhance his perspective as a leader in the coming years. Pray for them to learn well!

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