Meet Dallas

Dallas Mugarra was raised in the indigenous community of Port Keats. He had never heard the Gospel until missionaries Roger and Vivian came. Roger taught music in the community and shared his love for God through his music. As Dallas heard Roger with his music, he longed for what Roger had. “I saw joy in the Christians, and I needed that,” said Dallas.
Dallas gave his life to Jesus and now goes on outreaches. He shares with others about the joy of the Lord and the Good News of Jesus. Dallas enjoys praying for the sick as well. One time when he prayed for a boy with one short leg, God healed it. Two months after his prayer, the leg bone grew! Dallas said, “It was amazing to see God work through me, and this is what the world wants to see.”
Please pray for Dallas as he plans to go back to his homeland Wooliana, where people are in need of Jesus.

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