Maziotela Ministries, Mozambique

Maziotela Ministries’ vision is threefold :


  1. Church planting / leadership development – through regular leadership training schools, and mentoring village church leaders.


  1. Specialised seminars – for growth and development of village churches, especially focusing on youth and women’s ministries.


  1. Village education – training and facilitating local Christian teams to pioneer village preschools.


Maziotela Ministries is led by a team of local Mozambicans, with ongoing visits, support, and mentoring by Colin and Jenny Ayling.

Local churches are rising to the challenge of being self-supporting, but due to the poverty in rural villages, the schools and seminars currently depend on outside funding.

How can you help?

Make a donation to Maziotela Ministries.

Your donation will help Maziotela impact more people in rural Mozambique.

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