Making a Difference in People’s Holistic Health in Mozambique

Papa Hermino is a Muslim-background believer and a health care worker with natural medicine. He and his wife recently did some discipleship training where Maria (Papa’s wife) was baptised. Now he is helping us tell the Good News to the other health care workers and his people!
Here’s a snapshot of Bom Samaritano in 2016:
• 63 health care houses served by 242 health care workers
• 43,032 sick and wounded treated
• 2,143 community health teachings run in villages (workers also often share about Jesus)
• 36 health care seminars conducted
• 36 visits to prisoners bringing both food and the Word of God
• 208 radio lessons on the Word of God and health
• 43,940 ointments produced
• 124 babies received milk formula porridge
• 1,052 children received clothes, school-material, and some sweets twice a year

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