Making a Difference with Kindness

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. – Mark Twain

How do we help people who have only known hardship? We show them kindness. We invite them to the CDC’s Learning Circle programme, which is designed to help impoverished people see themselves from a new perspective. These people are poor, with little or no exposure to education. They have lived their lives guided by superstitions, but now they get to attend this programme every week to learn about: Kitchen, Gardening, Small Business Management and Health and Hygiene.

One of our facilitators was once a student of the programme. Thanks to the programme, she was able to start her own small business of rearing ducks. Today she is able to financially help her family. She is an active advocate of the programme and is reaching out to many more women in her village. She encourages them to make a difference in their lives by attending the Learning Circle course.

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