Dowa teaching me how to water tomatoes without a watering can

Makhua drawn to the light

GORGE HAS A background of ancestor worship. Recently we took him to a church planting conference. Once there, he became ill and stopped attending lectures. We thought it was a spiritual attack. On the third day, he coughed and an inch long white thing fell from his mouth. Suddenly, he was ready to resume classes. We could see that the Holy Spirit was opening the way for him. We now hold prayer meetings at Gorge’s house.

Dowa is a Muslim man who struggles to support his wife and children as well as his four widowed sisters and their children. Last year we made a tomato garden together and he taught me Makhua. He has been practicing reading with a book of Bible stories. He now sees this book as a greater light than the Koran, which he believes tells him to know the Bible. Pray that he would come to faith.

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