Lovely Feet – Part 2 – Ask, Listen, Obey

In the previous issue of Nations, I wrote about ‘How beautiful (or lovely) on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news…’ (Isaiah 52:7). It truly is a beautiful thing to watch people respond to God’s call, commit and prepare themselves for service, and then arrive in the land where the Lord has burdened them to make His love known to the lost.

However, all this can sound a bit simplistic, can’t it? Are Christians really lining up to leave country and family to go off to a foreign land – indefinitely, like in days of old? Yes they are! Is it possible in these challenging economic times for churches and individuals to financially partner with such goers? Yes it is! With all the political, social and religious upheaval happening, should we be encouraging people to go and serve in such environments? Yes, we should! In this day and age, are missionaries still needed to go and plant themselves in foreign cultures in order to share and spread the Good News? Yes, they are!

The call of God ‘to go’ is just as loud today as it was more than 2,000 years ago. He is asking for more lovely feet to go and represent Him in ‘regions beyond’. Those who are willing to hear His voice are still volunteering to go.

In recognising that there is a new momentum of the Holy Spirit at work today in regions beyond, the World Outreach International leadership has agreed that we need to prepare the organisation for even greater growth in order to help facilitate this ‘new thing’ the Lord is doing today. Vision WO2020 was launched last year in order to accommodate (at least) a further 240 new cross-cultural workers to be serving with WOI by the end of 2020 – should the Lord tarry! Such growth of personnel is to help engage with at least a further 55 Least Reached People (LRPs) groups who still don’t have a viable Christian witness among their ethnic communities.

To complement WO2020, WOI also launched a ‘Pathways to the Nations’ programme, whereby potential new cross-cultural workers can better prepare themselves for effective and relevant engagement, whether short, medium or long-term service.

In WOI we look for every opportunity to tell people (of any age) how they can make a difference by giving of their time, of themselves, of their skills, abilities and resources to help facilitate the taking of the Good News to the world’s mountaintops, into the valleys, and/or remote regions, where unreached people groups can be found. Whether we are called to go (abroad) or called to stay (in our homeland), we can all make a difference if we are willing to ask, to listen, to obey.

In WOI we want to do all we can to help facilitate seeing ‘more lovely feet’ equipped, empowered and mobilised in taking the Good News to regions where unreached ethnic communities are scattered – most are found in the 10/40 window region of the world – whether involved short, medium or long term. There are opportunities to serve in mission for the young, the not so young, and those in-between. Visit the WOI website and check out our ‘Pathways to the Nations’. There is an opportunity for you too to help make a difference of eternal significance!

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