McKnight - G's Story

Love heals

AS A CHILD, I lived on the streets collecting rubbish. Everybody hated me. In the rainy season, I tried to find shelter, but people threw water at me. Sometimes, I had to sleep in damp places sitting up all night. I was always hungry and had to ask for food in temples and for leftovers from weddings.

Then one day some Christian workers came to teach my friend and me about health and hygiene. They let us live in their centre. There I was shown more love from my foster parents than from my own parents. I heard the Good News and they took me to meetings every Sunday. One day I got seriously ill and needed heart surgery, but there was no money. My foster parents reminded me to pray about it, so I prayed for a week. God provided and I had an operation.

I always thank Jesus for his love, for my foster parents and my pastors, whom I call Dad and Mum.

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