Colin (left) helping those facing another hunger season through Maziotela’s Mercy Programme.

The love of Christ compels us

I LOVE TO ENJOY the majesty of God’s creation but how often I forget that the crowning achievement of God’s creation was man – created in the image of God. It can’t get more wonderful than that!

Right now Maziotela’s Village Mercy Programme is busy as many local families have exhausted their food supply and are facing daily hunger until the end of yet another hunger season. God is helping us not to just see old widows or starving children but precious people made in the image of God.

The exciting news is that many of the strongest Christians in local village churches are those who we have seen God save. He has saved their lives physically and even better, through Maziotela’s programmes these people have been reunited with their Creator, whose love for them is even better than life.

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