Showing off a bountiful crop.

The Lord watches over the fields

MANY YEARS AGO, an accident left Somchai unable to walk. Our team witnessed and led him to the Lord, then prayed for his healing, and saw him completely restored.

Today Somchai says, “Since I became a follower of Jesus, the Lord has blessed us abundantly. Our harvests were bountiful last year. When we were about to plant cassava in our fields, the region was experiencing a drought, and we weren’t sure the crops would survive. But we planted them anyway in the name of Jesus! The rain came 20 days later. The crops grew to a considerable size, giving us a great harvest!”

Another farmer Prasert experienced a similar blessing. His cassava crop had only been growing for nine months when a flood came. Other nearby farms harvested their crops early to avoid losing everything. Prasert sought the Lord for wisdom, and left his crops more time to grow. At harvest time, his crops were bountiful and brought great returns!

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