This new believer being baptised (centre), is the daughter of a Muslim religious leader.

Look what God is doing!

A NEW CHURCH PLANT IS located 520 kilometres north of Ethiopia’s capital. The city council recently gave us two square kilometres of land for the church building. Look what God is doing!

God has led us to reach out to and share the Gospel with Ethiopian Muslims. We continuously find ourselves amazed by the work of the Holy Spirit. People are hungry for the truth and hundreds of Muslims have come to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour. One of these new believers is the daughter of an Imam (a Muslim religious leader). When she gave her life to Christ, the people in her neighbourhood rose up to try to kill her, but God protected her. Today, she safely lives in another village and was recently water baptised.

Please pray with us that God will send more labourers to this ripe harvest field.

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