NoiNon gives out booklets in a Thai school

Long term effects

NOINON LEARNED about Jesus in a booklet from the team in his school library.

Wirasuk reported he couldn’t put the booklet down after finding it in his school library. He said that when he read the name of Jesus, it went like a sword deep into his heart.

Chartchai received a booklet after the team taught in his school. Although only 12, he had been searching for truth in many booklets of Buddhist teaching. He said when he read the team’s booklet he couldn’t believe how a cartoon booklet could answer all his questions. But it did.
What do these three have in common? All are now Christian leaders in Thailand, with a passion to help Thai young people know and follow Jesus. NoiNon reaches them through the Good News Team. Wirasuk and Chartchai reach them through their churches and also teaching in camps and seminars.
As a new team booklet goes out to children all over Thailand, please pray for many more children to respond in the same way as these three.

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