Local Kairos moment in the UK

THE KAIROS COURSE is gaining momentum within the migrant churches in the UK. Courses regularly have participants originating from Ghana, China, Korea and Nigeria.Here are two great testimonies from a recent course held in the city of Bradford:

My wife, Shawna, and I have been friends with an Afghan Muslim background believer (MBB) and his Russian wife for about seven years. She and Shawna met at the Family Centre, a type of mums and toddlers group, which was sponsored by our church at the time. Over the years of our relationship, we have had dinner several times, shared birthdays, and they have enjoyed Christmas with us twice. He showed no interest in Jesus, although he did come to church a few times.

There was a catalyst behind his decision to come to church on a particular day about a month ago, and I won’t share it right now, but suffice to say that as the worship began, I could see a shift taking place in him, almost physically. By the end of the service he was weeping openly, and he told me: “I now see Jesus for who He really is”.

He was baptised the following week, along with 94 other folks at church, and seems eager to live life as the new man he has become. We have just begun going through the Scriptures together and hopefully will continue on a weekly basis.

On the opening day of a Kairos course the following week, our Afghan friend asked to briefly share his testimony, and during the two minutes he spoke, you could sense the Holy Spirit invade the place. It was a special moment and a wonderful start to the course!

When we began the non-religious group prayer focus on Nepal, Benju, our Nepalese friend, whom we’ve known for more than six years and who attends our church, was listening to another Kairos student reading about the initial Nepalese church. She interrupted and said, “That’s my church!” and began to tell us about it as it is today, with over 2000 members and growing. Following on the heels of the MBB testimony, we were all pretty high spiritually!

People from almost every nation are living within reach of the local church in the UK. Please pray for the local churches (both indigenous and migrant) to be mobilised to reach out with the Gospel to their least reached neighbours.

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