David Elliott (right) at the first Bible study with Bangladeshis in a carpark stairwell.

Living is simple

LATE LAST YEAR six young adults along with two World Outreach International leaders were involved in the Next Generation Consultation in Bangkok. Our purpose was to identify what is needed to mobilise the next generation into playing their role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

We agreed that relationships make life worthwhile – with God through prayer, worship and obedience to the Word, and with people through mentoring, accountability, sharing life experiences or even social media.

Relationships can be complicated, but we can simplify things by doing a little bit at a time, rather than a whole lot at once. Take for example, our relationship with God. Rather than trying to read the whole Bible at once, we focus on reading, understanding and obeying a little bit of it at a time.

The power of this was realized when a group of us in Singapore gathered on a Sunday afternoon to put Luke chapter 10 into practice, and we witnessed heaven encounter earth! Young people from 12 to 30+ years old ministered to Bangladeshi migrant workers and witnessed over 200 workers completely healed in Jesus’s name. It was that simple. Our faith exploded, as this ripe harvest was ready to be reaped. We started Bible study groups with them even before they made decisions for Jesus. We saw salvations, and we are expectant for more.

A Switchfoot song sums it up: “Living is simple, And breathing is easy, It’s easy to do, Living is simple”. Following Jesus can be simple too.

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