Sophiap with bibles

Like the centurion’s servant

Sophiap, a successful church planter, had just arrived home late one evening after an exhausting day, when she heard a knock on her door. A desperate-looking mother explained to Sophiap that her son was ill and dying, and that she needed Sophiap to travel the great distance back home with her to pray for her son.
Sophiap knew that she could not make that long of a trip without first resting, so she invited the woman into her home, where she prayed for her son. She then promised the woman that she would visit the next day to check on them.

The next morning, when Sophiap got to the house, the boy was well and showed no signs of illness. The family was so touched by what God had done that Sophiap then had the awesome privilege of leading the whole family to Jesus – and starting another church in that village!

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