Liberty from Illness and Torment

My name is Tomásia. Since I was small, I had suffered from various illnesses. My parents told me that I was born with some of those illnesses, and the witch doctor said that the illnesses were caused by bad spirits.   

One day, my sister fell ill, and my parents brought witch doctors to the house to have a ceremony for her. Then they gave me clothes that the witch doctors use. These would make me a witch doctor too. When I decided to go into the church, I spent a lot of time there but still had things of the witch doctor with me. The bad spirits continued to bother me, and I saw that hiding these things was not helping my behaviour. So one day, I decided to inform the pastor of the church that I had these things at home.   

On the day that I was baptised, I handed all these things over and burned them. From that day until now, I am well. I do not suffer from disturbances from evil spirits anymore, and being sick hour after hour has also stopped.   

Praise God! I thank God for this wonderful healing.

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