leaving a legacy

Leaving a legacy

WHAT A TREMENDOUS few months we’ve had at World Outreach International (WOI), with celebrations from South Africa to Thailand and banquets of hundreds of people celebrating together in places like Singapore and Malaysia. Wow! It has been a privilege to be a part of it – young and old alike, celebrating 80 years of God’s faithfulness and legacy through the WOI family.

THE YOUNGER GENERATION played its part in the celebrations too, from young third culture kids (TCKs) that follow their parents around the globe, to teenagers going through high school or preparing to head back to their homelands for university. Also, young adults who are grappling with life decisions concerning what they should study, where they should work, whom they should marry and what God’s call is on their life.

Many such questions and topics were discussed during the next generation breakout group at the WOI 80th anniversary celebration held in ChiangMai, Thailand.
Sarah (23) from Australia shared: “It was so encouraging yet challenging to be reminded of our life mission- to serve Christ through bringing His Gospel to the unreached! I have been so excited since returning, as I am reflecting on all the opportunities that have been presented … this won’t be the last you hear from me!”

The young people not only enjoyed sharing their experiences and passion for the Kingdom, but also coming to know that there is a generation of mothers and fathers in the faith who lead by example, cheering us on to take up our inheritance in bringing the Great Commission to completion.

Kevin Chan, from Singapore, who works in a business and mission project in Thailand testified: “My highlight for the whole week was being absolutely blown away and massively humbled by the perseverance and longevity of some of the heroes [older generation of WOI mission partners] there!! You are ABSOLUTE LEGENDS!!”
Our generation will be handicapped by spiritual obstacles, emotional insecurities and lack of wisdom in building the Kingdom, unless fathers and mothers open doors for us to continue the work. We want them to share their lives with us, and as a result, help open our eyes to see what is possible and challenge us to attempt even greater works for God.

Emma [21] from Australia summarised it well:. “I didn’t know we were wanted [by WOI and the older generation].” She later testified that she was:
“feeling inspired, shocked, encouraged and challenged. To meet and gather with like-minded, experienced people was incredible and even though right now I feel very much at the early stages of cross-cultural ministry, I have been SO blessed to be able to see and hear from more mature people who are whole-heartedly pursuing the kingdom as well as those younger people who are also actively involved. This has stretched my vision and encouraged me to keep seeking, as well as set me up with people to talk to and inquire of.”

Perhaps you have a few grey hairs on your head, a listening ear, a vision to empower and some Godly wisdom to share. If so, are you intentionally surrounding yourself with members of the next generation, taking the time and effort to invest in them and develop them into bold and courageous warriors of the Kingdom?
Now is the time.

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