Learning from Young Believers

Papa Herminio is a health care worker. Originally from a Muslim background, he is now a believer. Two years ago he participated in a discipleship training school. Four times a month, he now rides his bicycle to visit four health care houses in different villages to meet with children from our orphan programme and people from the village who want to learn about Jesus.

My heart was full of joy when he told me that he and other health care workers were invited to speak about Jesus and health care in two mosques. In one village, the imam invited other imams from other mosques too. So they will go there soon. There is hunger for God.

Also, Papa Herminio told me about his wife, Maria. Also from a Muslim background, she now follows Jesus. She once had a dream about helping older people, so she now visits elderly people in their homes, washes their clothes with her own soap, and helps them carry home the harvest of their crops. This impressed another woman, Mama Fatima, so that she said, “I want to do it with you, Mama Maria.”

Maria and Herminio’s child recently had diarrhoea. Herminio called me on the phone, and we prayed. But Maria said, “We also need to fast.” So they fasted, and the child got healthy. I can learn so much from these young believers.

Even though we had all this joy, there were some hard weeks also. In mid-January, there was a cyclone, big storms, and a lot of rain. Many homes were damaged or destroyed. It has been our privilege to serve these lovely people with natural medicine. The local government asked us to help with treating the sick and those with coughs.  We also helped with practical supplies like rice, plastic sheets, beans, and soap.

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