Colombo, Srilanka

Leadership seminars make a difference

THIS YEAR WE CONDUCTED two back-to-back seminars in southern Africa. The first was held in Blantyre, Malawi, where 100 pastors attended from across the nation. One senior bishop said, “We’ve gone a metre higher in our thinking”. Two days later we went to World Outreach International’s Maziotela Farm (near Monapo, Mozambique) to run a seminar for 45 pastors from WOI’s three main church planting networks in the coastal north. Many lives were impacted.

Next, 75 young leaders from across the denominational spectrum attended the second year of the emerging leader’s seminars in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Many commented how they had received teaching that will equip them for ministry, teaching they’d never heard in Bible College.

Later, I29 pastors and wives gathered in Nepalgunj, Nepal for a training seminar just weeks after devastating floods. Despite heat, humidity and intermittent power cuts, the hunger at the seminar was intense. The seminar facilitators received reports saying they’d never heard teaching like it before.

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