Pastors Tak Bhana and Bruce Hills see an outpouring of God on Pakistani leaders.

Leadership seminars leave impact

IN PAKISTAN, 469 pastors and leaders from 35 denominations came from across Pakistan to the commercial centre of Karachi for a conference. One major denomination had grown 50% in just 12 months (from 30–45 churches) as a direct result of the ministry they received at last year’s conference. Pastor Tak Bhana (Church Unlimited, Auckland, NZ) joined me as the other speaker. Each night of the conference, thousands joined us at another venue for evangelistic and healing meetings. Some amazing miracles took place, including paralytics being healed and walking home with their families.

In Kenya, we ran the second year of the ‘emerging leaders’ seminars. These seminars are aimed at equipping the emerging tier of young leaders in their 20s and early 30s. We had 245 young leaders registered for the seminar with an average attendance of 150 each day. It was a significant time!

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    22nd April 2021

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