Last-Minute Chance at Eternity

Six years ago, our church in Francistown was invited to do some discipleship training with new believers in the village of Semitwe, seventy kilometres north of us. A refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo had been witnessing to villagers. Ninety-year-old Mma Rungu (mother of Rungu) allowed us to meet in her yard for discipleship training.

Some time later, Mma Rungu had a dream in which she saw an elderly traditional doctor in her village giving muti (medicine) to cattle thieves so that they would not be caught. In obedience to the command in her vision to preach the Gospel, she went to the doctor. He admitted that the dream was true. She told him, “The Lord does not like what you are doing”. He repented and listened to Mma Rungu’s explanation of the Gospel. He accepted Christ, and she went her way.

The next day people came to Mma Rungu to inform her that the old doctor had passed away. The Lord gave him a last-minute chance for salvation through a 96-year-old messenger!

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