I know her in the spiritual realm

MADAME ILBOUDA was assigned to teach in a government-sponsored school in a remote village. The people in this village were known to be animists, deeply involved in fetish activities. There were no known churches in the area.

Teachers previously assigned to this village had left their post in haste after being visited by demonic spirits. When Madame Ilboudou was shown her quarters, the first thing she did was to anoint her room with oil, asking Jesus to be Lord of her new home. She continued to do spiritual warfare prayer and began singing worship songs. This became a daily activity for her.

Villagers realised she was not being affected by any curses. Several women started asking her for prayers until they too surrendered their lives to Jesus. Some were healed of diseases. When the village elders consulted the fetish priest, he said, “I have not seen this woman but I know her in the spiritual realm. Leave her alone.”

At present, Madame Ilboudou teaches the importance of prayer and worship to our disciples and church planters.

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