Kids In Crisis – Less Talk, More Action!

Despite regular technological advances to improve food production, scientific breakthroughs for treating diseases and endless annual world conferences conducted on the need to help vulnerable and underprivileged children, disease, starvation, contaminated drinking water, war and exploitation remain unabated – affecting many millions of the world’s most vulnerable children who are held hostage by the inability of global governments to act with hearts of compassion.
For example, more than:

  • 300 million children around the world are exploited for their labour
  • 2 million children are trafficked each year
  • 27 million children under fifteen have lost their mother or both parents to AIDS
  • Half of the 60+ million people displaced by war are children, the majority separated from their families
  • 60,000 children under five die each day, mostly from preventable causes

It would be easy to detach ourselves from such information. For the majority of Christians reading these statistics, such happenings are foreign to our lives. However, for World Outreach International personnel, such situations are very real, even on a daily basis. One should not close one’s eyes, or just walk away. It is within every believer’s ability to help make a difference.
Whether in the Middle East, or on the continents of Africa and Asia, WOI teams are regularly involved in helping care, feed, educate, clothe and protect vulnerable and underprivileged children. It is not always easy! Some children under WOI care arrive sick, abused, suspicious, scared and hungry, and it can be many weeks before they feel safe. Through much prayer, lots of smiles, talking, and showing genuine love, it is truly rewarding to see a transformation take place where they become happy, healthy, energetic and hungry to learn.
With the continued favour of the Lord, and your practical partnership, WOI teams can help rescue even more children and bring them into a protective and caring environment, where they also come to know and experience the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. For $50 / £40 per month, WOI teams are able to feed, clothe and help educate such a child.Your partnership in our WOI Kids in Crisis ministries is greatly appreciated, and is helping make a difference!

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