Kids In Crisis! Helping Stem The Tide Of Misery

Wouldn’t it be nice not to know? Even nicer not to view images and read information about human misery – especially those of helpless children! For World Outreach International personnel, what we see before us can’t be ignored! Misery, helplessness, exploitation, destitution and poverty confront our workers on a daily basis – oceans of it! Instead of ignoring reality, WOI individuals and teams endeavour to do something to address such misery.

It’s not news most of us want to be reminded of, but we live in a sick, depraved and cruel world, as the following cold hard facts reveal:

  • 99% of babies abandoned on streets, in gutters or in rubbish bins, in the Indian sub-continent today, are girls, considered to be a burden to both families and society.
  • 75-80% of the world’s refugees are women and children.
  • Today there are more than 200 million child labourers worldwide – with no protection.
  • In East Africa, nine out of ten girls are abused by the people they trust the most.
  • Child pornography generates US$3 billion annually.
  • Every day more than 16,000 children die of hunger – that’s one child every five seconds.
  • Two million girls, ages 5 to 15, enter the commercial sex market each year.
  • 89% of prostitutes want to escape!*

Jesus said in Luke 18:16 that the kingdom of God belongs to children and not to hinder them from coming to Him. We may not be able to prevent or stop the misery that befalls so many vulnerable children in today’s world. Yet, in regions where WOI has a ministry presence, literally hundreds of children are helped every day. With the continued blessing of the Lord and your practical partnership, WOI teams can help rescue even more children from a life of hopelessness, abuse and exploitation, and see them come into the kingdom of God.

For US$50 / £35 per month, WOI teams are able to love, care for, feed and clothe kids who were once in crisis, and in so doing, give them hope and a future.

Thank you for partnering with World Outreach International in helping make an even greater difference.


*Sources of statistics above include UNICEF, YWAM, Global Fund for Children and other organisations.

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