VISUALISE IF YOU WILL Village One, an isolated rural region in northern Thailand where life is a continuous economic struggle and where children abound but have no opportunity locally to get an education. World Outreach International team members learned of this village and travelled there to meet with the elders to discuss ways to assist the children in getting an education. The discussion seemed to go well. The WOI team promised to return within a month with a proposal to help the children. On their return journey they discovered that during their absence, a man from Bangkok had visited and offered to employ 15 of the village children aged between 5–12 years in restaurants and other businesses in the city and promised that their monthly income would be sent back to the parents. This offer was too good to turn down and the parents had agreed to send their children away.

Try and visualise also Village Two, another rural community of 250 people whom WOI team members visited after hearing that two young girls were about to be sold by parents to become factory workers in Bangkok. The team members talked with the parents about letting their daughters go to live and be cared for in a WOI hostel where they will also have opportunity to get an education. As the girls climbed onto the back of the pick-up truck, three other girls in the village, who heard of their friends’ good fortune, ran out of their homes shouting, “take us too, take us too”. It was learnt that these three girls were about to be sold into Bangkok’s entertainment industry.

With the help of faithful ministry partners, WOI hostels in different countries have been able to rescue young vulnerable children at risk from being sold and lost in the sex and slavery industries. Hundreds of children have already been helped by WOI teams. With your help, WOI is making a difference; however, more can be done. More children can be rescued. More children can get a chance to get an education and begin to dream dreams of a better life. More children can come to know and experience the real love of God and His plan for their lives (Jeremiah 29:11).

For US$50/£35 per month, WOI teams are able to love, care for, feed and clothe kids who were once in crisis and in so doing, give them hope and a future. Thank you for partnering with WOI in helping to make an even greater difference.


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