Chris with Kairos graduates

Kenyan mission mobilisation advances

RECENTLY 30 PASTORS and leaders from a diocese of the Christian Churches International denomination took the Kairos course. At the conclusion, Bishop Kariuki, the Bishop of the diocese, declared that “up till now, though we have been doing something, I now realise we have yet to start”. He said it’s now essential for all CCI pastors to attend Kairos and is now organising for that, not only for his diocese but for all other CCI dioceses in Kenya!

The Distant Boat (distantboat.com) is a locally produced feature length film that aims to stir the heart of the African church for mission. Released last year, we are on the steering committee to see that the film receives as wide a viewing as possible. Where we have shown it, pastors and leaders have declared that they are seeing missions in a new light – Glory be to God!

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