Kairos Intensive 2014 Participants and Facilitators

Kairos at work

AS I WRITE THIS, we are into the final days of an intensive one-week Kairos course at our LSI Centre in the Philippines. To witness the impact this course has on participants is both humbling and exciting.

Dr Ralph Winter used to say, “God cannot lead you on the basis of facts you do not have”. From previous experience we know that ‘these facts’ of mission are indeed central to Scripture; yet, Kairos unveils these facts and they are new information to most. As a result, many will move into meaningful mission endeavours in the days that lie ahead! This has been our experience, now for over twenty years!

We conduct only about two courses a year at our centre. Most courses are conducted throughout the country by our trained facilitators. It is, however, special when we can run a course together, as a team. It reminds us just how significantly God is using this course and how we need to continue to steward it faithfully for His glory!

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