Kairos Continues to Move

kenya-strategy-mapWe thank God that three of the biggest denominations in Kenya – Assemblies of God (AoG), Baptist Convention (BC) and Africa Inland Church (AIC), with a combined membership of 7-8 million believers are embracing mission mobilisation using the Kairos course. AoG has adopted Kairos into the curricula of their 16 Extension Bible Schools across the country with most principals now Kairos facilitators! Rev. Jack Yates, Principal of Kenya Baptist Theological College, has commissioned five of his best to be trained as Kairos facilitators and to take the training to their 50+ Bible Schools in Kenya. AIC recently had the 14 Regional Directors of their Mission Department take Kairos with their Facilitator Training set for early September! AoG already has 25-30 Kenyans serving as missionaries among Muslim LRPs with the view to greatly increase that number. AIC currently has over 50 with similar plans. Rev. Nuthu, Vice Chancellor of the AoG Extension Bible School, says: ‘I want all pastors to do Kairos. We will win the Muslims!’ Thanks for standing with us!

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