Just Keep Trusting

Electricity was just introduced in Manggala Permai, Indonesia. One widow in the church wanted to experience the electricity in her own simple home. The only problem was, she did not have sufficient funds to install the electricity. After praying and believing God for a good outcome, the widow went out and planted bengkuang (a fruit grown in the ground). But three weeks before harvest time, the monkeys got to her fruit! Not understanding why this happened, the widow cried out to the Lord. Continuing to trust the Lord, she went out to dig up the remaining bengkuang, but only a small amount was left. The few sacks of fruit that was harvested were taken to the market to be sold. To the widow’s surprise, a season of drought caused the bengkuang to be sold at a price far above what she had imagined! Thanks be to God, the widow was able to have electricity installed in her home.

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    27th April 2016

    A wonderful story of God’s faithfulness and blessing answering another widow’s prayer!

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