Children from a village in the Singh province, Pakistan, greet the supply truck as it arrives bringing much needed provisions

Joy in relief

2011 saw an unprecedented number of significant humanitarian disasters challenge the world, adversely affecting the lives of millions.

ROM DROUGHT-INDUCED famine to history-making floods, the desperate cry of those in peril has been broadcast to a world fatigued from responding to global need. Thanks to the compassion and generous support of World Outreach International (WOI) ministry partners, WOI has been able to link arms with ministries and other agencies on the field to provide relief aid to those in dire need. Not only did we fill a hungry stomach or quench a physical thirst, but we have also taken the Good News of Jesus Christ into these despairing situations where God works best.

THAILAND: CENTRAL THAILAND’S provinces were inundated by flood waters, in some parts, for over three months. Every day, WOI team members from Bangkok went out in rented boats, sometimes to discover whole communities of hundreds, forced to live in foul black, neck-deep water without food or drink and in urgent need of medical attention. The teams distributed provisions including hundreds of Lifestraw water filter units to the elderly unable to leave their homes and to families in desperate need.

PAKISTAN: THE TORRENTIAL MONSOON rains of last August brought sudden, widespread flooding to Pakistan. Millions were left homeless or suffering from hunger, flood-related diseases, and snake bites. WOI partnered with local ministries to help provide free medical care and basic provisions to several communities, also ministering the love and healing power of Jesus to those struggling to cope with their situation. Many wept as the provisions arrived, overwhelmed by their loss, fear, and desperation.

HORN OF AFRICA: FOOD INSECURITY was at emergency levels across parts of East Africa as half of Somalia’s 7.5 million were affected by a two-year drought. Every third Somali was forced to leave home as drought destroyed crops and livestock causing thousands of children to be terminally malnourished. WOI joined in food relief efforts, bringing to refugee camps maize, beans, flour, and seedlings to help replant devastated crops.

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